Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texel, Acceleted Free Fall

first jump was ... okay
2nd, 3rd, were V_E_R_Y__ S_C_A_R_Y

why the hell I'm doing this... 1 jump was more than enough...

This is a rip off, I didnt feel the adrenaline kick

I was fun... but A HELL TERRIFYING

I must be totally crazy to continue....

Yeah, I'm smiling after my very first jump, but simply because I'm still alive... not because I enjoyed it... as soon as I jump out of the plane I couldnt breath... it's like someone punch you in the stomach...
oh shit... I forgot to make the daisy chain... :-o

Hmm... I'm not convinced this sport is for me...
It's FAAAAAR the scariest thing I've ever done in my life..



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