Friday, May 8, 2009

Electronic voting with Avi Rubin

1st episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast.
Interview with Avi Rubin

the project that I had most fun: RFID

I took 3 months to break: get gas without Speedpasses
the hardest part to figure out the crptographic alg - proprietary to TI, fortunately is was documented in library (wrongly). It all started with a black box...

Important lesson: attacker actually use their resource more that some people let on.

you run into problem when you think: "surely no one will try that"

ultimate security system test: fire your best engineers after you really insulting them, and throw them out on the street...

I do thing there is a lot of hope for electronic voting.
Important to realize what computer are good at and when computer can be dangerous.

Computer are very good at: providing nice interface for ppl and forming repetable tasks that can be difficut for human

BUT voting machine and computer consists of a lot of software - definitely guaranteed to have bugs.

lenght: 20:03m

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