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Podcast: Crypto-Gram 15 February 2006: Valentine day, if you have spouse & lover, it's a serious problem.

from the Fwb 15, 2006 Crypto-Gram Newsletter
by Bruce Schneier

* Risks of Losing Portable Devices

It's now amazingly easy to lose an enormous amount of information.

There are two solutions that make sense:
1) to protect the data. Hard-disk encryption programs like PGP Disk allow you to encrypt individual files, folders or entire disk partitions.
2) to remotely delete the data if the device is lost.

* Multi-Use ID Cards

Truth is, neither a national ID nor a biometric system will ever replace the decks of plastic and paper that crowd our wallets. Because:
1) the uniqueness of the cards provides important security to the issuers.
2) reliability.

But security and reliability are only secondary concerns. If it made smart business sense for companies to piggyback on existing cards, they would find a way around the security concerns. The reason they don't boils down to one word: branding.

* Valentine's Day Security

Valentine's Day is the biggest single 24-hour period for florists, a huge event for greeting-card companies and a boon for candy makers. But it's also a major crisis day for anyone who is having an affair. After all, Valentine's Day is the one holiday when everyone is expected to do something romantic for their spouse or lover - and if someone has both, it's a serious problem.

* Identity Theft in the UK

Serious tax credit fraud in the UK: there is a tax-credit system that allows taxpayers to get a refund for some of their taxes if they meet certain criteria.

Unfortunately, the only details necessary when applying were the applicant's National Insurance number (the UK version of the Social Security number) and mother's maiden name. The refund was then paid directly into any bank account specified on the application form. Anyone who knows anything about security can guess what happened. Estimates are that fifteen millions pounds has been stolen by criminal syndicates.

length: 26:39m
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