Thursday, March 15, 2012

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 14 Sony rootkit

length:  00:21:42

Sony released another rootkit!

Seems that they did not learn from the lesson in the past – this is very disturbing
There are malwares that purposely take advantage of that!

All it has to do is doubleclick the exe file and everything disappear!!!

Scandal that Sony & their QA did not realize this is a rootkit behavior & malware writer like this!

Fp.exe drop in a directory – click – disappear.
Then running some security scan ..

Rootkit detective can find some rooted service: fs.sys
Other tools cannot find it!!!

Today 30th Aug, the clock is ticking – it has not been solved by Sony
-          In Sony website this rootkit is till available
-          It’s incredible that Sony is hosting this rootkit tool that can be used by malware writer!

Compare to DRM issu this time we are more prepared as the DRM set a precedence

DAT detect this as PUP: potentially unwanted program
If you are a vendor you should be help more accountable

Sony bosses “most people don’t even know what a rootkit is – why should be worry about it?” – crazy statement.

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