Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 22: 2008 McAfee Avert threat forecast

length: 00:31:41
1.       Web 2.0: can be fixed quickly once found, victim of their own success, more personalized attacks, radically changed its exploit overtime
2.       Botnet: follow the storm, storm constantly moving
3.       IM: instant messaging malware, we’re expecting instant messaging worm
4.       Online game: money to be made+ less risky
5.       Vista join the party: deployment footprint
6.       Adware: continuous decline, peaked in 2007
7.       Phiser catch the wider net
8.       Parasitic crimeware takes the root: harder to remove
9.       Virtualization : transform infosec
10.   VoIP attack rise 50%

Storm: 1000 new variants/day, server side polymorphism, use P2P command & control

Parasitic: it’s old school technique, basically being parasitic in an environment, probably now with many younger AV companies, this is a good strategy as they don’t have protection.

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