Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 27: part ½ intellectual property (patent), Mac Security & Virtualization.

length: 00:25:40
intellectual property (patent), Mac Security & Virtualization discussion with Dave, Jim and George  Heron (chief scientist ac McAfee)
Studying the security trend

Intellectual Property is a very important component of a company
In average McAfee is filling 100-200 patents/year

Once you submit a patent and it’s accepted, there are a lot of companies whom make nice big place with the patent number

Patent benefits the company, because it gives competitive advantages and also benefit the employee as the get better recognition

Apple is probably the strongest OS in the world at this moment
There are some inherit security benefits
Some security benefit are myth but some are real
The bad guys are targeting the biggest market share, biggest bang for their buck
Smaller shares of Mac gives this advantage, but it is going to change
But Apple has a lot of fundamentally good security infrastructure.
Mac is resilient to certain type of attack.

Data leak is also getting more and more important.
Last year (Nov 2007) is was the first time they found a malware targeting OS X platform.
It was a popper- a DNS changer
It was disguised as coded – the group that wrote it was the same group that really really really know how to write advanced malware in windows, such zilock

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