Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 29 part 2/2 intellectual property (patent), Mac Security & Virtualization.

length: 00:25:40
Part 2 of intellectual property (patent), Mac Security & Virtualization discussion with Dave, Jim and George  Heron (chief scientist ac McAfee)

OS X actually implemented many of best practices, such as Mandatory access control, application signing, library randomization, cryptographic verification of installation packages
They are good best practice that wil mitigate attacks no matter they come from.

Vista boasted the feature of running as standard user – thy has been years in OS X
Vista security is great, but not cutting edge.

Application sandboxing

Virtualization is probably the only technology that is really distruptive in security

Really chane the fundamental believe & mechanism as something is working today

Virtualization opens up to a whole new level of application

It opens up possibility for bad guys and good guys
It’s not only from economic saving, but it’s going to change also the ball game of malware
It’s allow to look APIs from outside of OS

5 security advantages in virtualization:
1.       Offline scanning
2.       Untethered monitoring – looking registry
3.       backups
4.       ensure compliance
5.       ?

HyperVizor, worries:
1.       Security
2.       Vulnerability
3.       Saving the VM image.

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