Thursday, December 12, 2013

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 42: Continue security discussion with Didier Stevens

length: 00:20:21

Markus think Mikko (f-secure) is the only person who see mobile malware J

In Europe text message is used for mobile payment
In Belgium has digital ID – with smart card – not really security best practice issue

Non Admin vs Admin environment
In XP: as non admin is very difficult
In Vista: non admin account is much better

If you’re not local admin/ least privilege user – STILL NOT SAFE

Password stealer does NOT need admin credential – will work in restricted user mode

For key stroke logger it is even better because it wil se only the keystroke that goes to browser

Protected process: useful only to prevent rootkit drop BUT it is useless against keyloger
Protected process: Specially design fgor DRM – only run with MS cert – only for media company

In Belgium: there is a law to make copy of music, liabity fee:
CD: pay 50 cetn & copy – but cannot copy with computer
Because the HIFI (not computer) it’s already taxed
3 condition to copy CD legally in BE:
1.       50 cent fee
2.       Non computer tax
3.       Special CD tax
But probably most of the people are not aware of this.

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