Saturday, December 14, 2013

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 48: rate of new malware

length: 00:19:46
social engineering has really came to fore front in term of distributing malware/spam
ex: Nuwar / Storm ward – very topical spam campaign

something in the news will immediately used to lure by malware
it’s terrible effective

At the moment there are 3500 new malwares/day
It seems to get worse with the worsening of economic down turn

Ex: easy loans, refinancing – all those things that are related to financial help

Last year it’s about couple hundreds of new malware/day, now thousands

But the quality it’s not that increasing
However the trend is not encouraging

Web-based malware is growing – automated frame work- generating different malware for every user that visit, if it is still working – it is still the same type of crap

Web will take over as platform of choice for distributing malware

However no new type of parasitic in the last 6-7 months

Fujack was changer – this is the real pain

Need good disaster recovery plan + putting the plan in action.

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