Friday, December 20, 2013

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 54: DAT & mac OS X malware part 1/2

length: 00:22:03

DAT – almost 500k malware detection
In 2004: 100k (after 18 years)
In 2006: 200k (2 years later)
In 2009: 500k (3 years later ) – double exponentially

1.5 million malware last year VS 500k detection in DATs!!!

Any one driver/detection can detect multiple threats
One to many relation
Ex: generic-downloader may detect hundreds of thousands of threats

There are different types of drivers (detection):
-          Generic driver – detect multiple threats
-          Heuristic driver – behavioral detection:  it it’s look like a duck, quack like a duct – it must be a duck
-          One to one driver – detects only one threat

Never remove any detection even for 80’s malware

Lately trojan targeting mac OS X based trojan
Notably popper trojan
Most bundle with popular pirated software- iWorks08 & photoshop
It’s look running fine – but beneath it,  it is doing something else.
Malware DNS changes – the will control Internet traffic – reroute to rouge site

Mac never been immune to malware.
Mac can pass on malware.

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