Saturday, December 21, 2013

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 55: DAT & mac OS X malware part 2/3

length: 00:23:37
threat prediction

Virtual vulnerability, tons of malware evade VM, they are VM aware – nothing new
Evolution from self shut down malware in VM environment to take action based on VM environment

More threats when move to cloud
Localization of threats

Rougeware – malwaretizing – it is a huge business – fake alerts, it one of top 3 threats
Using social engineering with very slick package
Targeted less prepared users

The problem with SPAM: the bad guy operate under the assumption that nothing bad will ever happen to them.
Mcould shutdown will change their perception.
However it is hard to say where they gonna go- but there is too much money involved.
it is expected that SPAM will increase their resiliency

Parasitic & polymorphic – built to live
Example autorun malware
Interestingly they have similar like trojan feature – password stealer – they use all tricks in the book

Trojan is not build to live

Interesting M$ just release correction to properly disable autorun.

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