Saturday, December 28, 2013

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 62: Conficker follow-up

length: 00:13:32

Dave and Jim discuss the 1st April date where something big suppose to happen – but nothing interesting happened
It turned out there was P2P activity downloading fake AV and download MS08-067 like – to evade scanner.

Fascinating: Conficker a virus that download fake AV and face MS08-067

Conficker seems on top against counter measure:
Fake MS08-067 to evate infection detection – force us to change the tool

New dead line:5th may

Why download Waledac??? No body knows yet

Protection: Waledac.gen.b and FakeAlert-SpywareProtect activity associated with W32/Conficker.

People so busy discussing Conficken and forget about other big threats such use: winMM, sality, etc..

It got out of control because there was not a lot of people doing what they have to do:
-updating security software
-running scanner.

Gotta run fullscan, do full reboot and run scan again

People try not to take the full scan procedure – but you have to do it.

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