Friday, January 10, 2014

CPE: McAfee AudioParasitic: Episode 70 M$Patch Tuesday Special Edition

length 00:09:46

short & sweet
5 bulletins
8 vulnerabilities all critical

most critical:
MS09-048: vulnerability in TCP/IP
could allow remote code execution if an attacker sent specially crafted TCP/IP packets over the network to a computer with a listening service.

MS09-049: wireless LAN autoconfig <- no user interaction

MS09-047: vulnerabilities in Windows Media Format , malicious MP3 for example.

2 more web-based:

MS09-045: vulnerability in the JScript scripting engine that could allow remote code execution if a user opened a specially crafted file or visited a specially crafted Web site and invoked a malformed script.

MS09-046: vulnerability in the DHTML Editing Component ActiveX control. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a specially crafted Web page.

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